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If You're Not Reading These Articles, You Should Be

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Abdulrahman Bindamnan has an excellent series on Zero Generation Students and the challenges they face. We're extremely proud of his successes and hope you will take the time to not only read what's already been written but follow the series.

His latest article was co-written with Murad Subih, one of the students we sponsor. His journey, both academic and actual, to get to the United States was difficult, but his time here has been harder due to the tough times we've all faced during the pandemic. Our donations have not surged but have fallen, which has caused Murad to work part-time to support himself while he finishes his fellowship at Harvard. Read about his story, hopes, and dreams here:

You can support students like Murad by donating to our cause. 100% of anything donated will go to support students like Murad, trying to improve their (and their family's) situation through hard work and education. Donate here!

Here are a few more of our favorite articles from Abdulrahman - come learn from an expert about the Zero Generation Student experience:

The entire series is here:

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Abdulrahman! Also thanks to Murad for speaking about a difficult topic!

Abdulrahman Bindamnan, the originator of the phrase 'Zero Generation Student'

Murad Subih in Paris, where he gave a presentation on his research from his Master's in 2019


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