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Bachelor Degree Students

Bachelor Degree Students

Reem Bin-Humam
Nutrition and Dietetics
University of the District of Columbia

I have always wanted to be involved in bringing Yemen out of the health crisis it faces, especially after the ongoing war and the unstable conditions. I am hoping that my experience and education abroad will equip me with the skills I need to be one of the figures who can benefit the Yemeni society, improve the health system, and relieve hunger.

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Masters' Degrees Humanities +

Masters' Degrees Humanities + 

Ahmed Al-Jaaidi
Commercial Law 
Penn State University

I have faced and overcome many challenges. I’m the oldest of my brothers and sisters and the first in my family generation to go to college. It was very hard to leave my son and wife in my country, but I send my blessings to them every day and thank my wife for her support to get me where I am standing today. I continue to feel great pride and honor about my beloved Yemen.

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Masters' Degree STEM +

Masters' Degrees STEM +

Abdullah Ba Gunaid
Mechanical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Yemen has great resources in terms of solar irradiance, and the usage of solar energy has the potential to partially solve this chronic problem. When the time is right, after my education and some practical training, I will do my very best to help bring this technology to Yemen. 

Abdullah Ba Gunaid 2.jpg
PhD Candidates

PhD Candidates

Amani K. Gashan
Literacy, Culture, and Language Education        Instructional Systems Technology (minor)

Indiana University

Coming back to Yemen, I plan to help in establishing a good educational system, one that rebuilds the community and empowers women to take their natural responsibilities as equal members of the community. 

Armani K. Gashan.jpg
Medical Fellowship and Residencies

Medical Fellowship and Residencies

Ammar Asban
General Surgery Resident
University of Alabama - Birmingham

My ultimate goals are to establish a Cardiothoracic Surgery Medical Center in Yemen, as well as establish global collaboration for research, education, and outreach programs between institutions in Yemen and the United States.

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