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Better Late Than Never!

We should have posted this a little sooner but better late than never! Ebrahim Bamanger has been the Managing Editor of the International Journal of Literacy, Culture and Language Education (IJLCLE). It is an open-source peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to publishing research in the field of literacy, culture, and language education from multi- inter-and trans-disciplinary perspectives. Its mission is two-fold: (1) to promote the exchange of ideas and dissemination of research, and (2) to facilitate academic exchange between scholars from diverse fields of study worldwide. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts describing scholarly research on a wide range of topics related to language, literacy, culture in education. You can see Volume 3 right at this link: IJLCLE Vol. 3

On top of that, Amani Gashan has been an Editorial Assistant for the same publication. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments and wanted to share!

As always, you can support our wonderful students by donating HERE or on our Support Page (direct credit card coming soon!). 100% of all funds received will be used for student support, no overhead or admin!

The cover image of IJLCLE Volume 3, ISSN 2642-4002
IJLCLE Volume 3 Cover


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