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From one Mom to another:

Updated: May 23, 2021

To all the mothers of the Hadhramout Foundation students...

For years I have listened to my husband, Shane Rose, tell me how wonderful your children are. Through time I have met many of them, and I have seen for myself how kind they are. By the high-level universities they attend, I know how smart they are, and now, by having the opportunity to read their biographies, I now know how amazing they are.

They are all proof that you did such a good job… A good job of bringing up such lovely human beings, and obviously a good job of being such loving mothers. For all of that, you have my utmost respect.

Very sincerely,

Jamie Rose

The Hadhramout Foundation’s #1 fan

photo courtesy from depositphotos (thank you!)


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We hope for nothing but happy days, much sunshine, peace, and joy to all of our students, supporters, and families in the new year! HAPPY 2022!


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