We were established to increase the number of sponsored young people by partnering with universities, other philanthropic organizations, corporations, and humanitarian-minded people around the world. By improving educational opportunities, we believe that we can improve living conditions as well as employment prospects in Hadhramout and Yemen at large.

The Hadhramout Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to advancing the education of young people from Yemen. The ultimate goal is to provide these young people with the knowledge and skills needed to support them in the rebuilding and development of their homeland.

What we ask in return is for all students to give a year back to Yemen for every academic year that the foundation has granted them. It’s our only stipulation, but we understand it’s a big one. The premise is simply built on a 'paying it forward' approach. 

Hadhramout, Yemen

Our History

The idea for the Hadhramout Foundation began with a visit by a group of friends to their familial homeland. They saw a land of great human potential but very little educational support. In order to tap into that unrealized resource and assist with the rebirth of the Hadhramout region, they initiated backing for many facets of the educational framework (both with physical schools and procedural structure) that needed aid, enhancement, or change. This included building and funding boys’ and girls’ schools, English language academies, vocational training, and scholarships for all qualified students to attend universities.

Hadhramout, Yemen


Empowering the youth of Yemen through education to become a source of positive change in their country, hoping to make the world a better place

OOur Partners 

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Board of Directors

Abdullah Bugshan


Ahmed Bashaweih

Executive Director

Shane Rose

Chief Executive Officer

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Abdullah Bankhar


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Amer Nimr


Badr Ba-Geri